Kool and the Gang: My amazing experience of catering for Them

Not only did an unexpected phone call last Friday afternoon plastered a smile all over my face, it also changed the status of Fats and Franks. In the middle of working from home my phone rang.

“Mariama, Kool and The Gang are touring and will be performing at the O2 this Sunday. They need a caterer. Are you up for it?” My friend asked enthusiastically.

Well, after the words she asked me finally sunk in, excitement bubbled up inside. Me, cater for Kool and The Gang? Wow! I have always longed to meet them. But imagine catering for them as well as meeting them. Could my dream really come true? They were my idols growing up. I used to love dancing to their widespread hits.

There was only one big problem, though. I didn’t know for sure if I was going to get the coveted job of feeding one of my favourite groups. Anyway, I put a menu together just in case. And patiently waited for the go ahead call.

Friday evening came. I still had no idea if the promoter were going to choose Fats and Franks to cater for Kool and The Gang. But, I kept my hopes up and planned a menu for them in expectation. I could barely sleep that night imagining meeting and cooking for them.

They said yes

Early Saturday morning, I got the answer I was waiting for. They said yes. Fats and Franks were chosen to provide a delicious course of hot food and buffet style menu for the group. Do you know what that meant? An extra busy day rushing around to buy ingredients and preparing to cook for Kool and The Gang before the concert at the O2 on Sunday.

Can I tell you the beauty of our cooking service? We are able to cook a variety of delicious meals at short notice. Even food that’s not part of our usual recipe. Kool and The Gang wanted a special customised menu. And that’s exactly what they were going to get. After all, Fats and Franks is about creating memorable events. That means saying yes (even at short notice) so we can leave a lasting impression.

As a result, by early Sunday afternoon, we prepared the menu to their specifications. My driver collected us and we delivered the food to the O2 arena.

I made sure to dress the part for meeting the group.


delivery.jpg 1

When we walked into the O2 and set up for Kool and The Gang, I knew that Fats and Franks had suddenly changed status. A long awaited dream had come true. On top of that, a couple of weeks before, we also catered for a popular DJ’s prominent birthday party. That was also an amazing event.

Setting up and displaying the food

We unpacked the food, bread, fruits and cakes and displayed it ready for the group to tuck in and enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meeting Cool and The Gang

The highlight of my evening was when I met Kool and The Gang. After dreaming about meeting them since I was a little girl, my fantasy became a reality. They simply loved the food from Fats and Franks, which made the experience 100% amazing.

I managed to get some selfies in with some of the group members.

I stayed for a while after they ate and chatted with them. It was a wonderful evening to remember. One that will stay lodged in my memory for many years to come. Fats and Franks is now on the map cooking to delight the taste buds of stars and everyone else who appreciate good food, served with a big smile and love.

Ready to step up your event in style and let Fats and Franks cook up a delicious storm for your birthday party, wedding, baby shower or just a romantic dine in for two? No cooking job is too small or too big for us.

Get in touch now and book your event. Call Mariama on 07462 017675 at Fats and Franks for a chat and free quote about your catering desires.

Or complete the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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