The Benefits Of Honey

Honey has been referred to as liquid gold because of its amazing properties.
It’s so good that has included it in their list of ‘power foods that you need in your kitchen right now’.

Here are some of the good bits about honey,

  • Ever wondered why your Nan gives you honey when you’ve got a sore/ tickly throat? It’s because honey helps soothes the throat and helps stop a nocturnal cough and also helps you to get a better nights sleep. A much more natural and tastier way than cough syrup.
  • If you’re working out and need an energy boost then honey is great as it has natural, unprocessed sugars that quickly enters the bloodstream and creates a short term boost. Much better for you than chocolate and processed sugars.
  • Honey can treat dandruff and help relieve the itching sensation, mix honey with 10% warm water and apply it to the scalp, leaving it for 3 hours before rinsing can really help with the irritable itches and scratches.
  • Honey can help with burns and wounds as its an antibacterial property, according to a study, some people with wounds applied honey to the area of concern and showed signs of improvement. Cheap, cheerful and smells nice too!
  • Honey can help with memory, a study showed that the anti oxidants in honey may help prevent cellular damage. A spoonful of honey a day can help a postmenopausal women short term memory and after 4 months of taking 20 grams a day of honey the women showed better signs of short term memory than the women who were taking hormone pills.
  • Honey tastes amazing on toast, in tea and when baking, it’s such a good product to have in the cupboards, so next time you’re doing your shopping in Tesco pick up a jar of honey and give it a whirl, your body will thank you.

Not only is honey good for you, in a way it’s good for the environment as it’s keeps the bees alive and working and we all know that we need to keep bees alive and treasure those little things for our environments sake. #lookafterbees !
Thank you for reading this post on The benefits of honey, I hope that it’s been helpful and interesting,

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