Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

How can eating a small fruit like an apple a day keeps the doctor away? First, let’s look at the history of where this statement came from. In Wales, during the 1860s there was a proverb which said, “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.” However, the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” didn’t appear in print till 1922. Source

So, how true is it? Does eating an apple a day make you healthy? According to scientific studies, this won’t stop keep you away from the doctor’s surgery, completely. However, eating apples is good for your health in lots of different ways. As a result, carry on eating those apples.

Which are better – green or red apples?

For such a small fruit, there is a lot of debate about which colour apple is better for you. Before we look at the differences, let’s consider their sugar content.

I’m sure you agree that red apples are sweeter and tastier than green apples. That’s because they contain more natural, healthy sugar. This is not the type of sugar in processed food.

Red apples such as Golden Delicious is tastier than green Granny Smith, which is a little tart.

The major differences between the two are the chemical anthocyanins found in the skins. Red apples have anthocyanins, but green apples don’t. However, cross-bred red apples have different levels of this chemical. During the crossbreeding process, it transfers from one red apple to another.
At the end of the day, both green and red apples are good. It’s a matter of which taste you prefer.

Health benefits of eating apples

Apples are loaded with health benefits. Some of them are…

  1. They’re low in calories. When you feel the munchies, grab an apple instead of a bar of chocolate. The apple will satisfy your hunger pangs.
  2.  Eating apples can prevent strokes.
  3. Apples have lots of fructose (natural sugars) which controls blood sugar levels.
  4. The juice in apples fights tooth decay. It can kill as much as 80% of bacteria that causes tooth infections.
  5. You need Vitamin C to boost your immune system. Get your daily dose from eating apples.
  6. Fight heart disease by including apples in your daily healthy diet. They contain flavonoids, which prevents coronary and cardiovascular heart diseases.
  7. Help keep colon, prostate and breast cancers away by eating apples.
  8. They lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Eating apples combined with a healthy diet and exercise will keep your cholesterol at a risk-free level.
  9. Eat five or more apples each week to keep asthma under control. The bioflavonoids will keep your lungs and respiratory systems in good condition.
  10. Eating stewed apples can stop diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

How to choose apples and the storing process

Do not buy apples with brown bruises. Moreover, the best ones are firm when you touch them. Also, big apples are sometimes overripe. Apples are at their best in the right season. They usually ripen during the autumn.

Out of season, they’re stored in a cool place. This reduces the oxygen balance and affects the chemicals in the apples. Therefore, storing apples for months will stop them from maturing naturally. In addition, prevent them from going soft. However, after they arrive in the supermarket or on the greengrocer’s shelves, the maturing process continues under natural light and they turn soft quickly.

Tips for freezing apples

First, wash the apples. Then peel, core and slice them. To stop them from going brown, dip the slices in lemon juice or salt water. Sprinkle sugar between the layers before putting them in freezer bags of polyethene containers. Keep them frozen for up to nine months.

Dried apples are another option

Drying apples go way back. In the 12th century BC, Egyptians loved dried apples. Drying apples also preserve them. Natural sugar is concentrated and moisture gets lost during the drying process. This is ideal for athletes as the carbohydrate from dried apples turns to energy.

In conclusion, although an apple a day won’t stop visits to your GP, there are many health benefits in them. So, eating apples will definitely reduce the number of times you visit your doctor. On top of that, they will help fight or prevent many illnesses and keep you in good health. Also, consider your overall diet in maintaining great health. Apples are one in five of your daily recommended fruit intake.

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